Leica have already designed the perfect camera, they just haven’t put it together yet.

Leica M-D top 2XX, Digital M6, or whatever you want to call it…

5 years ago, my grandfather gave me his Leica M4 Black Chrome and a few lenses. I didn’t think much of them at first outside of the incredible feel in the hand, that told you these cameras and lenses were special. It sounds very cliché, but even the haters can attest that Leicas have a “je ne sais quoi” about them that set them apart from the rest of the gangs.

That camera still holds a special place in my heart and it will never leave my collection. Anyway, since the M4 is a film camera, and i do like shooting film sometimes, you cannot deny the benefit and ease of digital. So I owned the M9, the M240, and slew of Fuji’s, Canon and the likes. Still i return the M4 for it’s size and simplicity. Then the Q Typ 116 came out. It was in my mind a marvel… except it had a fixed lens. So that left my side as well after a few months.

Then Leica released the amazing M60 Limited Edition. It was my dream camera outside of the price $18,899 and the incredibly stupid decision to not put strap lugs. What? Really?

Image from http://www.35mmc.com/02/07/2015/leica-m-edition-60/
Image from http://www.35mmc.com/02/07/2015/leica-m-edition-60/
This got me thinking…Leica has ALREADY built the perfect camera it just needs to be updated.

Body style of a Leica M6/M7
Which i think we all agree is still the perfect ratio of size and weight and proportion!


Takes advantage of all the amazing Leica M lenses




Has no screen to review BUT… it has a wifi connection to a smartphone app! YES it does!!! This way you can shoot un-distracted like the good old days, and when and if you need to, you can review your images on your phone in the tap of a button. Like the Leica Q (when it works).

You could then sort, edit and share your photos straight from the phone. If you wanted to.

And then what if? What if it also had live view to your phone? For those who need that added level of comfort of knowing that the exposure is correct. But then again, we didn’t care on our film cameras, we trusted and let it go. And it was and still is fine today!

The Viewfinder… 
Well this is one is a tricky one. I for one LOVE LOVE LOVE the Leica Optical viewfinder. I find it amazing. But then I tried the Leica Q Typ 116 viewfinder and found IT amazing too. And FUJI, they have that cool OF to EVF lever. That’s cool. Sorry Leica, but you might have to borrow one from the books there and find a way to improve on this idea of hybrid viewfinders. I’m not talking the little square shit at the bottom right of the FUJI X100T or XPRO2, but a real nice OEVF for arguments sake.


Over the next few weeks i hope to add to this thread and thought. I’m just excited to see what’s coming.

GO on Leica! Surprise us!

UPDATE 05/26/16

Well the wait is over and Leica have release the Leica M-D Typ 262. It looks like this if you haven’t seen it. And yes it’s all we asked for apart from the size, and the lack of connection to your cell phone to actually make this enticing. Seems like a miss to be honest. It’s simple enough to add a wifi chip and make an app to download images and share them or do some “live view” work if needed. Because unlike Film where the latitude of exposure is wide, in digital overexposed images are harder to recover.

Oh well, maybe Gen2 will have some sort of feature that i think is so necessary.