Being A Developer After 40
Adrian Kosmaczewski

Hello “career twin”. I have to say our workplace lives almost paralleled each other excatly. Started in the 90’s? check. rode the dot-com boom? check. worked the internet when there was a lack of “frameworks”, “platforms”, “libraries”, “MVC patterns”, and whatnots? check. Wrote books, spoke at conferences, and teach programming courses? check. And trying to “keep up with Joneses” by researching and playing with new tech? check. Are you sure you were not my twin separated at birth, or you are in a parallel universe similar to my own except across an ocean? Anyway, I read your article with sincere appreciation and gratitude that someone put down in print form the story of our generation of devs, with lessons for the next ones to come — now that was something I wanted to do on my bucket list, but since you have done that already, I will just repost and say “if you want to know my life, read Adrian’s”. cheers, and here’s to our mutual future in this industry.