Descent Into Office Anarchy
Barry Davret

Beautiful. I have experienced that. Although people are usually well behaved in my presence. I have a vicious streak when roused.

What I have experienced once never again. The idiot of a Human Resource Director in ISR decided to have a Xmas lunch for the junior staff. More fool me I stayed my office working. The execs were to have a party that evening and my home was 30 miles away so why go home and come back.

The next thing I knew was my office being invaded by a group of drunken ladies all wanting to kiss me. A couple of them were not bad but on average the group was not attractive especially under the influence of alcohol. After this I decided that all future female staff I hired should be at least sexy.

Due to this experience I have a lot of sympathy to the ladies sexually harassed by their bosses. Although that was my worst experience I have also been tempted but never surrendered to advances by lady colleagues. If done with delicacy it was sometimes amusing.

The CEO of a subsidiary I used to visit told me “my secretary thinks you are a perfect gentleman you always let her go first”. He told me had disabused her by saying that I just liked to admire her silhouette. Not always easy to be a young handsome exec. Like Elton Johns song about temptation “sweet comes deceit comes calling”. Not difficult to resist as I love my wife and I know what she would do if I played around.

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