The “Other Side” Is Not Dumb.
Sean Blanda

Cooperation and understanding the essence of civilisation. Tolerance if decisions are to be inclusive. Thanks for input. Last week generated a very different investor/CEO conversation suggesting that a very successful CEO should consider going into politics.

This is a CEO who at the end of a one hour first phone conversation 8 years ago said I must meet you. Never had a conversation like that with someone I didn’t know. He came. Now 8 years later and multiple phone conversations he has multiplied his share price by 25 turning a small underachieving Biotech into a powerhouse with tens of partners and products and in the process making him a very wealthy man.

I await with interest his response. His initial repulsion of politics and my plea do you love your country may be too strong. Who knows? At least we had a very civil debate and a surprised but with no resentment of my intrusion into his private space. I informed my son who was present on the call that this was not a normal investor/CEO conversation. It was the first time my son had participated and I await his verdict promising that future calls with CEOs will focus on investment.