Resilience: How to Rescue Yourself from Adversity
Gustavo Razzetti

Excellent advice. I like the three Cs challenge, commitment and control. I dropped the self. I am not sure about creating discomfort at my age. I used to play rock the boat with my managers to prepare them for emergencies.

Having had a very lucky life until I had a major problem at 80. Three pneumonias the first of which nearly killed me. My mind was clouded and fear, an emotion from which I had never suffered, invaded my life. The joke was that my ten year look aheads always considered death but never longterm disability.

The 3 Cs kicked in after a longer time than they should have. I emerged from being a zombie. My first emotion was ecstasy – I am back. Then anger at lost time. Now am focussing on gratitude is the attitude GITA. A friend recently told me that I have changed. My wife finds me as impossible as always.