How To Know It’s Love
Kris Gage

From the age of 18 to 31 I had a great time with beautiful, elegant women. Always potential mothers of my son in case an accident happened. Never a priority. I was in love with love. A lot of poetry.

One great benefit- these ladies changed me from being an introvert. They gave me great pleasure in learning Spanish – 14 Spanish girls and one from Manila in 3 months with an expense account equal to a Spanish generals salary. For the first time I felt the joy of wealth.

In Venezuela at 31 I met a beautiful French who had a lot of troubles. Her father had died. Her mother was ill. After 3 months 6 weeks of which I was on holiday in England I decided to my surprise to ease her problems.

We married twice. Once in Venezuela in Spanish our first common language and then in England to go the States. My friends had a sweepstake as to how long the marriage would last. They said John takes longer to buy a car – she must be pregnant and he will never be faithful.

After 53 years of marriage I know I am in love. Never strayed. She says she is married to an impossible man but there must be something that makes it worthwhile.

Once Monique asked me after 50 years of marriage if I had always been faithful. My reply was most of the time. My son who was present was furious. Dad how could you say that! Only a man who has nothing to hide could make a joke like that was my reply. Weird sense of humour – always an affliction.