The 1 Piece Of Advice I’m Glad I Ignored
Nicolas Cole

Good advice. Do what you love and be the best but above all have fun. To me the thing was the challenge. Stretch your brain. Intellectual excitement. That is why I have loved computers ever since I met my first in 1952 and saw the future. Did not get to program until 1961. Great to have the power of progress. In those days a senior manager programming was a rarity. Rarities have value but what I wanted was fun and freedom which I found in the unlikely place of ITT.

I used to give internal presentations saying I have come to talk about ITT, Hal Geneen and me. Two great minds born in one little town 20 years apart. I took great pains to hide that from Geneen. He always called me George. People said why don’t you tell him who you are. No thank you he is a 24 hour guy. Getting called up at 6am to have a breakfast meeting. Not my bag.

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