The Psychology of Quitting
Christian Miller

Great advice. I never consciously threw in the towel. Moves were triggered by boredom. I always expanded my job taking on additional assignments. People asked me where I ranked in the organization. I had two answers. My personality gives me two additional job grades or I float in the white space of the organization chart. Fearless use of creative knowledge spell that the “u” is silent. I used that when my boss. annoyed at my behavior in a staff meeting asked me what I did when I fucked up.

I called myself the kamikaze kid. Take me on and make my day. I remember a visit I made to the Swiss subsidiary when two hot shots from New York gave the local Management a hard time on large computer project. I had dinner with the two and told them the local guys help to pay my salary so if don’t back off you will become yesterday’s heroes. That night I stayed up to write a report which I gave to local CEO to send to HQ if these guys tried block his project. They backed off.

When I returned to Brussels they asked to see me. One said do you depend on ITT for a job? Hell no I said. He turned to the other saying I told you he had a private income. Only a guy with a private income could behave the way he does. I did not have a private income.

I owed something to the managing director. On my second visit to the Swiss subsidiary I met with the management team and after 30 minutes said I don’t want to take up too much of your time let’s schedule separate meetings with you individually. The managing director interrupted saying to me that he was so impressed with my first visit that he had instructed his management team to free the whole day to spend with me. We have so much to learn from you. I was embarrassed. I was the youngest man in the room. By the way my mother once said what would embarrass me would kill an elephant.

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