I Failed To Prevent My Kid From Going to College
James Altucher

I left school at 17 although I was considered a certainty to get a scholarship to Oxford. I was bored. I wanted to get experience to become a manager. I liked challenges. It was too easy. At 12 I was reading 14 books a week using library tickets from my parents and uncles and aunts.

As an articled clerk to a Chartered Accountant I was leading audit teams at 18 and liquidating companies at 19. A financial manager at 22 with a hundred million to play with to build a synthetic rubber plant for a consortium of tire manufacturers. Joined Shell at 25. Sent to Madrid to learn Spanish with an expense allowance equal the salary of a Spanish general. Went to Venezuela with a salary 7 times my UK salary. Income tax 5%.

So you see I agree it’s not necessary to go to university.

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