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I like your story of the tree. I have preserved a tree not because of procrastination but because a tiny bird likes to sing from the top. I sure it is not the same bird but I like to think so though this has continued for many years. My grandmother who possibly had more influence on me than my parents when I was very young used to give me many sayings like “procrastination is the thief of time”. So I tend to make rapid decisions if they are reversible if wrong but cutting down a tree is not quickly reversed.

In work I used to like to rock the boat. I get easily bored and like excitement. In rocking the boat I stressed my subordinates but trained them to deal with problems. As I get older time gets even more precious so one must focus on the essential. Time wasting is only permissible if it is fun. Life is a glorious experiment.

I talk to a lot of CEOs before investing in their shares. I like to ask them “which road are you taking the high road or the low road” They ask me what is the difference. The high road is risky but so much more exciting and the view is superb.