You Won’t Feel Motivated Every Single Day. Focus On This Instead
Nicolas Cole

Interesting ideas on motivation. I used to have what I called SIS. Self Induced Stimulus. When I felt stale or bored. I also used Rock the Boat to wake up and give experience to my subordinates. ITT was a crazy company while Hal Geneen was there buying loads of companies in different industries. The arch type conglomerate. Very different from my previous employer Shell.

ITT was short term oriented. Improve each quarter. Shell was long term but focused. While I was there I pushed for something I called piggyback. Shell was world wide and could have bred new companies everywhere doing different things but this was not in vogue.

ITT interested me because everything was possible a bit like Amazon. Hal Geneen said we could manage anything. Management was the key. The difference from Shell was amazing and stimulating. I used to say I could introduce my wife to any fellow manager in Shell but not in ITT.

When I was looking for a job in the USA and was approached by ITT a headhunter told me “don’t touch them with a bargepole.They will suck you dry in two years and spit you out”. I said I doubt it but if they can do that it will be great experience. I stayed there 18 years until I took early retirement. Had a lot of fun.

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