How To Quit Your Job the Right Way
James Altucher

James an interest set of ideas. I am much older than you. In my day becoming an entrepreneur was quite difficult. I decided to maximize experience in areas that promised well in the future. Having met a computer in 1952 at the age of 18 I decided that was the future. It took me until 1961 at 27 to get my hands on one. A senior manager wanting to become a programmer — career suicide! My first computer project was the central accounting department of 500 people which in two years I reduced to 50.

I paid several sums to you recently using my son’s credit card. I cancelled mine when I was ill buying too many books with one click. You asked for more. My son said don’t pay the guy more you don’t know him. I asked your representative at Agora if I could have a 10 minute call to you to enable me to tell my son I knew you but got no answer. Shame because I think you are an interesting person.

Still I am the guy who turned down meetings with Bill Gates and with Steve Jobs in the early days after mutual friends said I would not like them as they had no manners. Not very clever decisions. Especially as the friend who wanted me to meet Bill — saying he would really like you “full of ideas and able to execute” retired from Microsoft with 100 million.

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