The Single Most Important Lesson In Communication
Barry Davret

Luckily I always dealt with clever people both in management and reaching. Simplification but not too much is always useful. The key is to get attention and elicit emotion. I did that with jokes and with shock and awe. Create a monster. That grabs people’s attention. Fear and greed always resonate.

The art of the unusual a different perspective that stimulates interest. Always look your audience in the eyes and be prepared to switch approach if you see boredom. Enlist audience participation. I always took questions. I usually started with a display which stayed up during the presentation. These are the key take aways which I repeated at the beginning and at the end. The first and last five minutes.

Very few people fell asleep during my presentations. Once I caused a sensation descending from the podium to get into the audience. Why were you shocked I asked. We thought you were going to hit the questioner. No I only wanted to understand the question. He had a thick accent.

Realise a presentation is part information and part entertainment. Body language says a lot. PRIDE purpose, recipient, impact, design and execution. Know as much about your audience as you can. Ask them.

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