I’m a female dev. Here’s a list of questions I ask myself daily:

  1. Does ‘acting like a dev’ mean unlearning some of the norms of my gender? Why is this necessary? How does this affect other areas of my life?
  2. When I wear office attire, I look about as comfortable as a dog in a halloween costume. What are the ramifications of wearing a dress?
  3. Are there good, objective reasons why coding needs to be done in a ‘male’ way? What are the drawbacks to this lack of diversity? Do I benefit from this in some weird way?
  4. Do I always have to change my way of thinking of behaving because I’m a minority, or can I ask for a compromise?
  5. Why would I rather be a programmer than a nurse or a teacher?
  6. How should I handle it if a male coworker intentionally or unintentionally undermines me at work? How can I handle this without damaging our relationship?
  7. What do I bring to the team specifically because I’m a woman? Is this a sexist question?
  8. Why do newcomers assume I’m a designer?
  9. Why are women more susceptible to Imposter Syndrome? How can we own our roles at work and believe in ourselves?
  10. What kind of person makes a good software developer? Where do these ideas come from? Are they true? Is it possible for these ideas to change?

I’d love to hear the questions other female devs ask themselves daily.

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