Imagine the sun rising.

Take a moment for a spiritual check-in.

During this 60 day journey I want to include something that may not seem as important or valuable as “how the Right Brain applies to your professional life”, but that is part of what our Right Brains do: connect to our spirituality.

Everyone has a different definition of spirituality. For some it has to do with God, for others it is connecting to the universe, for others it is about love and service to others. Studies on the Right Brain have shown that this sense of belief in a higher power, a connection to the cosmos, is the purview of the Right Brain.

Ultimately our spirituality calls us to be our best selves, to channel divine wisdom, and to aspire to the greater good. Spirituality is an indispensable part of who we are, and therefore it is important to the quality of our work.

In view of the Right Brain’s role in spirituality, I want provide a brief “devotional” once a week with the aim of tapping into that higher sense of purpose, connection, wisdom, and love. The images and texts I will use may be drawn from sacred texts, poetry, or authors who cross over into what feels like spiritual territory.

Today’s devotion is drawn from the Buddhist author Chongyam Trungpa. I particularly like it because it “double dips” into the Right Brain, using visualization along with language that evokes a higher sense of self.

The Great Eastern Sun
Imagine the sun rising.

At first it seems weak, then it becomes stronger and stronger as the morning goes on. Soon it is shining with great power.

So it is when we find our genuine wholeness. It may seem a weak thread, but getting comfortable in your own skin, finding your own unique strength and letting that shine, you will grow into great power.

A genuine sense of self, and of trust in one’s place in the universe, is like the sun in many ways. It is a gentle source of energy and renewal, as well as a natural cycle. Sometimes it is occluded by clouds, or hidden at night, but always there.

Let the Great Eastern Sun rise in your heart, and in your head. In this way your wholeness will bring you peace, energy and renewal.

Take a moment to close your eyes, breathe deeply, placing this image inside.

Reread the devotion and repeat the breathing and meditation.


Pass the Great Eastern sun to a person who needs it today.

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