Right Brain Touchpoint ~ What Stone Balancing Can Teach Us

You’ll really enjoy this. Watch Michael Grab (what a perfect last name for what he does) fine tune large rocks so that they balance on points.

What we can learn from this is how it looks, acts, and feels to be in the Right Brain. Here are a few RB qualities you’ll see if you watch one of his videos:

~Slow time (are you getting impatient watching? That’s your Left Brain.)

~Sounds in nature (turn on your Right Brain just by listening to the water)

~Sensory interaction (touch and an inner intuitive sense to place the stones)

~Thinking inside an object (you thought empathy was just for people!)

~Dropping into the body (your Right Brain is for body awareness — can he really keep his hands that still?)

~Trust. (He knows that the stones might fall, but nervous anxiety would destroy his balance.)


How might you bring these qualities to bear on your work today?

Can you see in the tasks on your plate an analogy to the stones?

There is a hairline balance, a kind of beauty, that is possible to achieve. Even when the biggest, most dangerous “stone” must come last, as it hovers over the rest, how might you find this balance in your day today?

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