Take Your Site to the Next Level Using these EASY Social Media Marketing Techniques

Edward Tomasso
Mar 22 · 2 min read

In a digital world, the internet is a lifeline for most modern businesses. Without an online presence, companies struggle to keep up with their more social media savvy competition. But the truth is, no matter what size your company is or even where it’s located, your business can benefit exponentially from a solid online presence. And as it turns out, the process isn’t nearly as headache-inducing as you might think! Allow me to help ease your confusion with these easy to follow social media marketing techniques.

  • Post Original Content

This is a great starting point for anyone pursuing a powerful presence online. Whether you’re an aspiring influencers or the owner of a business, original content is key. While reposting someone else’s content can help to add a layer to your project, this won’t help you establish a following. You want people to follow you for you and your content — not a copy and paste project. Post original content as often as you can — and get creative! You want to stand out from the competition. So get creative with your posts and truly create something unique. (If you do feel the need to post someone else’s content on your social media site, make sure that you do it the right way.)

  • Stop Procrastinating: Post NOW!

Of course, you want to post the highest quality content you can. But the land of social media is no game for perfection. Stop planning, stop procrastinating and make that first post! You can fine tune and tweak your content all day long… but if you don’t go out there and post it, no one will ever see it (which means you won’t be helping your business on social media). Stop worrying about the quality level. You don’t need to start off perfect. It’s better to post something that’s at 70% than to mull over a could-be 100% piece that never gets posted. Social media, although an art in itself, is not meant to be perfect!

  • Structure Your Posts With a Schedule

Posting sporadically will not do you any good. Aim to provide your followers with a consistent feed — not a random post here and there. The strongest way to maintain your acquired base of followers is to keep giving what they want. And, trust me, they want to see your posts on a regular basis.. Not once every few weeks! Find a time of day that works best for you and aim to post at least once a day on all of your major social media accounts.

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Edward Tomasso

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Edward Tomasso is from Italy where he has developed passions for adventure photography and entrepreneurship. http://edwardtomasso.com/

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