Medical Science vs Arbitrary Politicians Demonstrates How the Rule of Law is Broken

The Transcript of the letter :PDFs are not easy to share whereas articles are.

2 July 2020 sent by Canada Post with proof of delivery

SUBMISSION to Waterloo Regional Council on Mandatory Mask Bylaw Vote.

Title: Legal Public Notice Calling for Complete Legal and Civil (Full Personal) Liability to be Held Against ALL Council Members and Mayors.

to: Waterloo Regional Council c/o Board of Health Chair, Karen Redman.

Dear,Board Health Chair,Karen Redman,

Please consider the following an official citizen citizen submission to the Waterloo Regional Council for the Mandatory Mask Bylaw vote as necessary because of the very serious impact it will have on the population. Be fully aware of the serious intent of this document and submission of evidence to the Waterloo Regional Council (hence Council): to hold ALL Council members, from Mayor Vrbanovic to and including ALL voting members to be held to high standards of liability under CIVIL and CRIMINAL law for any and ALL harm, damages and losses that the citizens of the region will experience due to the passage of MANDATORY MASK LAWS being proposed to be IMPOSED on the general public. Too often the world has seen flippant and careless leaders take incompetent and oppressive actions that have harmed the public. The most blatant being Neil Ferguson of Imperial College whose AWFUL AWFUL useless models predicted millions of UK deaths, when in REALITY only a few thousand occurred . A HORRIBLE and USELESS LOCK DOWN (HOUSE ARREST) resulted and the population suffered DEPRIVATIONS NEEDLESSLY.

NOTE: the numbers for covid 19 from the very beginning have always been QUESTIONABLE with the CDC constantly revising them down ward, and admitting the testing has been seriously flawed. The very classification of “pandemic” has been seriously questioned by the world’s leading epidemiologists, who content that it should NEVER have been classed as a pandemic in the first place!

In the context of your Mandatory Mask Bylaw, Neil Ferguson was under lock down/self isolation , but that did not stop him from having sex with a married woman. POINT: even the guy who made incredible predictions did NOT believe in the so called data which caused his own quarantine.

Conclusion, if such experts are in charge, how in any good sense can a person even believe your contention of the need for such Mandatory Mask Bylaw? The precedent has been set,the government experts demanding extreme measures have been proven wrong, incompetent and downright disgraceful.The authorities caused great harm and did not listen to the world leading experts who were stating the opposite. BAD POLITICAL POLICIES AND INTERESTS were put ahead of the best experts on earth! And this is EXACTLY the case I am presenting to you. You can act on presented scientific documents , or you can choose some private political interest. The difference I intend so see is that if the Council can not document supported judicial actions taken with care,YOU will be PERSONALLY held accountable with personal LIABILITY!!

Premier Doug Ford has shown a complete failure of leadership by playing politics. He chose not to impose a Mandatory Mask law, so either it is a failure of leadership,or he KNOWS it is NOT necessary. There is clearly NO REAL MEDICAL basis for any such law! NOT NEEDED. A dangerous virus does NOT care what a provincial figure may choose versus a regional one. A virus is either dangerous or NOT! WE are not talking about Harry Potter Magic! That Premier Ford chooses not to act proves the virus is not dangerous.Premier Ford would not endanger the people of Ontario. And that makes the Region of Waterloo frivolous and hubris if they choose to impose an unnecessary and foolish law(that will add unnecessary harm and stress to its citizens). The ENTIRE province has much greater resources than any regional municipality: hence, a more limited Council to impose the bylaw represents a FRIVOLOUS Act of Arrogance (like Neil Ferguson). So then it follows that the Waterloo Regional Council FLOUTS the Rule of Law : “the mechanism, process, institution, practice, or norm that supports the EQUALITY of ALL citizens before the law,secures a NON ARBITRARY form of government, and more generally PREVENTS THE ARBITRARY use of power.ARBITRARINESS is typical of various forms of DESPOTISM, AUTHORITARIANISM,…, Despotic governments include even highly institutionalized forms of rule which the entity at the apex of power structure (a junta, a party committee, i.e., the Waterloo Regional Council) is capable of acting without the constraint of law when it wishes to.

In general, the rule of Law implies that the creation of laws, their enforcement, and the relationships among legal rule are themselves LEGALLY REGULATED, so that no one-including the most highly placed official-is above the law. The legal constraint on rulers (Waterloo Council) means that the government is subject to existing laws as much as its citizens are,…, the idea of equality before the law, which holds no “legal” person (Waterloo Council members) shall ENJOY privileges that are not extended to all and that NO person SHALL BE IMMUNE from legal sanctions “ (modified from Rule of Law: Britannica Online Encyclopedia).

Point of Fact: can it be alleged that any Waterloo Council members SPECIAL PRIVILEGES, not extended to ordinary citizens, and did not suffer penalty under law? Allegation Example: in building the LRT. the allegations have surfaced that the route changed so it could pass over land owned by, or by friendly interested parties, of Council Members. That prosecution for the allegations of corruption were never followed up on. This is a typical allegation of any regional council that could be found in all of Canada. Point: allegation is that some council members could have profited while others in the community without special privilege of council while others in the community without special privilege experienced no such gain (perhaps even loss). Since no one was ever investigated then allegedly the council members had placed themselves above the Sanction of Law. Therefore,a FOUNDATION has allegedly been established that any criminal can act in alleged arrogance and not face accountability for their actions. MORE LIKELY THAN NOT A DEMONSTRATED FOUNDATION for a logical argument.

NOTE: the actual LRT route choice was NOT a scientific development but more of PERSONAL CHOICE . Allege Foundation: Council did not use strictly scientific decisions but more personal/political preference after the actual science was given.

Alleged Demonstration: Council acts in its own political best interests.Allegedly on historical model, Council believes that is beyond (personal) accountability and the RULE OF LAW. Premier Doug Ford with ALL the medical scientific and resources of the ENTIRE province of Ontario will NOT order Mandatory Masking. Nevertheless, with alleged hubris, the Waterloo Council and Mayors believe that Waterloo Council is so qualified. I believe the expertise of Waterloo Regional Council was demonstrated in their handling of the LRT project and the debt burden they have acquired for many decades to come. Their noted expertise is substandard when it must weigh the mental health and other stressors that they will inflict on the citizens of Waterloo and their lack of expertise in the field of epidemiology and related concerns. The expertise has built an alleged Foundation that gives Council special privilege not shared with the citizens. A violation of the Rule of Law: Despotic and self serving. As such, every private citizen should have the recourse to hold each council member personally liable for any and all harm that comes from their voting policies. The citizens of Waterloo Region are suffering personal and economic hardships, and Council’s unqualified hubris can make that suffering much worse if they do not demonstrate the ability to learn and act, because their failures will make the suffering worse: suicide, alcoholism, drug abuse etc. If council refuses to review all scientific and medical submissions made to them in good faith, the vote for mandatory masks can cause more harm. Then, to safe guard the the public, Council can no longer be allowed to hide behind the shield of council indemnity where the taxpayers payout for lawsuits, the council members must be liable to have to pay settlements from their own holdings, bank accounts, homes,and other properties to pay for the harm they may cause with this vote.THERE ARE SERIOUS CONSEQUENCES IF COUNCIL MAKES THE WRONG CHOICE based on arrogance and the belief they are above the law. Hence, my presentation is most serious and blunt so the decision to pass or fail the vote for masks will weigh very heavily on Council’s collected mind. WE do not need any more Neil Fergusons.

An allegation in the public right now is the masks are needed to instill fear in the public so they will want vaccines in not to have to wear masks.If more and more municipalities force more and more of their citizens to wear masks, then you promote the vaccines by causing panic and pain. The allegation then becomes that there are many forms of kick backs from such sources as politicians and people who have interests in the vaccine companies , and from universities for research monies. Like the LRT, it may or may not be true , but has a more likely than not foundation. POINT: therefore, the vote YES to mandate masking is not based on medical science nor the public good, but private gain. And that means the masks are of no value to the citizens. And down the road, The Council must be held liable.

BENEFIT OF DOUBT: The Council will hold a vote, and hopefully in the best interest of the public. The material submitted in this document by Greenhalgh is made in sincerity to give medical science based evidence why the mandatory masking bylaw is not good and must be voted NO.

REAL MEDICAL EVIDENCE OF DEATH . There must be a real and present danger from covid 19 greater than others to justify the bylaw. Example: 1969 and the Hong Kong Flu. One to four million people DIED from the flu. No lock down (house arrest), no mandatory masking, and minimal economic hardship occurred. No suicides .No alcoholism etc. In fact it was the Summer of Love. If you believe the very flawed covid 19 data, about 500 thousand people have died, but even the CDC discounts that number citing bad tests, and bad data recording. The number is probably much less.

Modern 21st Century Precedents Cited

STATISTICS CANADA deaths due flu/pneumonia in 2018=8511 Canadians for 39,192 cases

Government of Canada deaths due covid 19 in 2020 = 8,522 for 103,250 cases.

Note, comparing the two groups deaths , they are statistically IDENTICAL. However, when you look at the number of cases (infected) the flu is MUCH MORE DEADLY. The flu kills more within a smaller sample group. The”flu” was roughly THREE TIMES more lethal!!! NOTE : 2018 ,NO HOUSE ARRESTS, NO MASKS.LESS suicides, alcoholism etc.

These are Government of Canada figures, but from these , there is NO valid reason, nor basis for mandatory masking bylaw!

The Council may ask for an outside witness,and one such person could be Dr. Denis G. Rancourt (of Ottawa). As of 29 June 2020 he has written: Masks Don’t Work: A Revie of Science Relevant to Covid 19 Social Policy. That sounds EXACTLY like the input the Council would demand to make their decision.

Again, Council who would vote YES are imposing appalling conditions on already stressed people. And so, you must consider the following commentary.

COMMENTARY: masks-for-all-covid-19-NOT-based on sound data. By Dr, Brosseau and Dr. Sietsema https://www.cidrap.umv.edu/news=perspective/2020/04/

JAMA Patient Page March4 2020

Medical Masks by A>N> Desai MD MPH and P> Mehrota MD MPH https://jamanetwork/journals. These authors say masks may have a use in the restricting the spread of infectious diseases, but most people do not clean themselves properly, nor wear them properly and handle them properly. They conclude,”FACE MASKS SHOULD BE USED ONLY BY INDIVIDUALS WHO HAVE SYMPTOMS OF RESPIRATORY INFECTION SUCH AS COUGHING, SNEEZING, ORIN SOME CASES FEVER. FACE ASKS SHOULD NOT BE WORN BY HEALTHY INDIVIDUALS to protect themselves from acquiring respiratory infection because THERE IS NO EVIDENCE TO suggest that face masks worn by healthy individuals are effective in preventing people from becoming ill.”

Science Daily https://www.sciencedaily.com/Cloth Masks:DANGEROUS to your Health? April 22/2015

Summary:Respiratory infection is much higher among health care workers wearing cloth masks compared to medical masks, research shows. Cloth masks should not be used by workers in any health care setting.

There are many many other examples you should consider before voting on mandatory masks. Remember,Waterloo Regional Council is claiming that it has much much more expertise than the Premier of Ontario. I can not believe that is true. If you do not look deeper at all the research, much of which argues against masks. Very respected researchers with years of experience. You would therefore, be proven NEGLIGENT, if Council disregards this evidence and makes a hasty “flip” vote of convenience for whatever private gain or agenda you are seeking. That would not be in the public good , and expect much harm to result. Therefore, the public must have the ability to seek compensation from the harm your hubris will cause. And this is the reason why all of this must be public domain and part of open public records. The public must be able to seek fair re dress and compensation liability from negligent council members.

Other important research you must consider are the video presentations of the world’s leading epidemiologists, such as Dr.Wolfgang Wodarg, Dr. Knutt Wittkowski, Dr.Simon Thornley, Dr.Dolores Cahill , and Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi (whose Federation of Epidemiologists have sent an open letter to the German government to end the lock down).

Consider, https://www.israelnationalnews.com/”Coronavirus is dead claims former Health Ministry Director-General “ Prof. Yoram Lass , former Director-General of Health Ministry says coronavirus is dead. Tests are confusing old infections with new ones,…,writing that the virus has been essentially eliminated by antibodies developed by people infected during the first wave.”

And be sure to review the following,”Millions of accumulated years of life will be lost to Covid 19 response.June 15, 2020 https://www.covidplanb.co.nz/media-and-politics/ “[Lockdown] policies have created the greatest global disruption in history, with trillions of dollars of lost economic output.These financial losses have been falsely portrayed as purely economic. To the contrary, using numerous National Institutes of Health Public Access publications, Centres of Disease Control and Preventia (CDC) and Bureau of Labour Statistics data and various actuarial tables, we calculate devastating non-economic consequences that will total millions of accumulated years of life lost in the United States, far from what the virus itself has caused .”

READ that again:”devastating non-economic consequences that will total millions of accumulated years of life lost in the United States, far beyond what the virus has caused.”

NOW read that again as “how much suffering have YOU/Council caused in the Waterloo region leading to suicide etc ??? I have given you a chart of flu deaths vs covid 19 deaths(identical) BUT I respectfully request, Karen Redman , that you supply a chart of the number of suicides for the region , with 2018 vs 2020 . you will see a huge spike for 2020. Chair Redman, Mayor Vrbanovic and Regional Council,how much MORE suffering are YOU going to keep stacking on the poor people of the region??? Why masks? Why don’t YOU just get a club and beat the people to death??? If you pass the mandatory mask law , as the medical evidence would contra indicate , then I can not put into words just how dreadful you are. If you don’t let up, there is no health danger by the evidence presented , then YOU have some private agenda and personal gain not related to medical evidence. Hence, I have made two cases, 1. medical based, and the second, 2. based on the need for the public to be protected by being able to hold ALL of YOU personally liable. I respectfully request that you make copies of this submission available to ALL Council members. A complete medical science referenced argument has been made against the mandatory mask bylaw. I also request any vote taken is held with attendance taken and each members vote recorded. And that is the bottom line. And why I have listed this submission as Public Domain and to be put on the internet for all to see and judge your response.

Thank you , Edward A. Greenhalgh MSc. HBSc

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