A return policy change turned people against a popular multi-level marketing company.

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Lularoe’s logo image from Pinterest

When Lularoe launched in 2013, the multi-level marketing company was the toast of the industry. It tapped into a niche market, leggings, and brought it into the mainstream. Women around the country wanted to be on the ground floor; they knew the company would be something special.

Facebook and Instagram feeds were filled with customers showing off their ‘one of a kind’ leggings. The free marketing helped fuel an almost unprecedented sales growth.

Because of the sales growth, the company decided to add more items to their collection. By 2014, it was decided they would add shirts and dresses to the product line. …

They married in secret; she died shortly after their wedding.

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Carlyle Harris Image from Public Domain

Carlyle Harris had a bright future ahead of him. When he graduated from medical school in the summer of 1890, he was to assume the role of house surgeon at Charity Hospital. Those who knew him believed that was just the starting point for the med student; he had deeper ambitions.

To feed those ambitions, he married a wealthy young heiress. The instant he met Helen Potts, he knew she was the ticket to a good life for him. It helped that she was beautiful and his friends were envious of the couple.

The relationship became physical quickly. Helen wanted to be a mother, even as Carlyle pushed back on the notion. As a med student, he needed to devote most of his time to studies and couldn’t be distracted by a family. …

Was the young man truly a mad scientist or just ahead of his time?

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Jack Parsons Image from CalTech

Jack Parsons was always an outsider. When he started his scientific career in the 1930s, people thought he was weird. He talked about sending rockets into outer space, something that had been deemed impossible. Most people looked at his mother with pity; her son must have some form of mental illness.

Public sentiment did not deter the young man. He believed science was on his side and went about making the breakthrough. Day after day, he experimented with chemicals but never had any success. …

When a Trump supporter threatened CNN, there were many witnesses, including me.

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Scene at Columbus Circle 2018 Photo by Edward Anderson

Cops cars began to line up around the TimeWarner building in the center of Manhattan’s Columbus Circle. Their lights flashed as officers shooed people away from the scene. Reporters from CNN were removed from the building while they were on air.

The chaotic scene played out in front of my eyes. As I often did, I sat in the tea shop across from the TimeWarner building, working on my then-upcoming novel. One of the employees at the tea shop wondered what was happening. We agreed that it was likely nothing.

As the tea shop became more crowded, I attempted to go outside to see what was happening. An officer ordered me to stay where I was. When I asked the cop about the situation, I was once again told to stay inside. Another patron started telling us that a suspicious package had been sent to the CNN offices. …

The exciting backstory for an iconic song.

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Jewel performing You Were Meant For Me Image from YouTube

Before Jewel became a world-renowned songstress and poet, she was homeless. She had been working at an undisclosed business. When her boss came on to her, she refused his advances. Soon after that situation, the company let her go.

Shortly after her termination, the future Grammy nominee could not pay her rent, and eventually, the landlord evicted her.

Homeless on the streets of San Diego, Jewel looked for ways to make money. She wrote poems and then would recite them on the streets in the hopes of being able to buy food for the day. …

A letter put a vineyard owner on edge, then things escalated.

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Photo by Kym Ellis on Unsplash

Aubert De Villaine shows up to work before everyone else and leaves after the others have gone home. Those around him praise his work ethic and down-to-earth personality. They love working side by side with him.

What made Aubert different than the others? He owned the vineyard. In addition to being the owner, he is one of the wealthiest people in France. His employees respected his dedication to making wine and working alongside them. Some idolized him and held him up as the standard for which other moguls should be held.

The Domaine de la Romanée-Conti is one of the most important vineyards in Burgundy, France. It is the heart of the wine community. And Aubert is the man who is most closely associated with the land. …

They were teens in love; her mother disapproved.

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Image from Pixabay via Pexels

When Theresa (Terry) Gresh met Billy Byers in 1954, it was love at first sight. She was 15; he was 17. The young love birds quickly cemented their status as sweethearts. They wanted to spend every waking hour together.

Terry began skipping school to spend more time with her boyfriend. When she started missing curfew, her mother, Anna, began asking around about her daughter’s activities. Neighbors in their East Village neighborhood informed her that her daughter was seeing an older boy.

Anna hoped her daughter would see the error of her ways. She hoped that Terry would resist the urge to make love with her boyfriend. …

He spent money like crazy until he got caught.

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Photo by Joshua Hoehne on Unsplash

Wayne Dennis proved to be a precocious child. He got into trouble nearly every day. His curiosity would often get the best of him and frustrate his parents.

He did not take instructions well. When his parents told him to go right, he would make a left turn. As he grew up, they hoped he would mellow out and begin to take directives.

Those hopes were dashed when Wayne entered high school. His rebellious nature became more pronounced. Teachers complained about him disrupting class and being an overall nuisance.

Often he would fight with his male classmates. These fights were often caused by Wayne flirting with his female classmates, especially those in a relationship. …

She was a woman of many secrets; he was a man with money.

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Photo by Mathew Schwartz on Unsplash

Larry McNabney ran his law offices with an iron fist. He watched his employees like a hawk, making sure they didn’t use company time to complete personal business. The focus needed to be on maintaining the practice, and if they were on company time, that’s all that mattered.

Despite being micromanaged by the lawyer, the staff loved him. Many who worked with him in Las Vegas noted that he would buy them cakes and presents for birthdays. If there were an emergency in their family, he would send them on their way.

The Vegas law office was a small family.

When a relationship sparked between Elisa Redelsperger and Larry, no one was surprised. The two enjoyed a flirtatious relationship in the office. When it came out, they started dating, everyone in the office congratulated them. …

In Hollywood, it's not about who you know; it's the secrets you keep.

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Charlotte Kirk Image from Facebook

Charlotte Kirk knew what she wanted. Her main goal was to be a movie star. Working as an actress was not enough for the ambitious young woman. Only the pinnacle of fame would do for her.

And she would do anything to attain it.

When she was 19, Charlotte visited New York City to network with industry types. The gambit paid off, and she was cast in Black Dog Red Dog, a film produced by Oscar nominee James Franco.

Instead of being her big break, the movie was not widely released, and her scene was cut from the final version of the film. Still, Charlotte tasted success. …


Edward Anderson

Edward has written hundreds of acclaimed true crime articles and has won numerous awards for his short stories.

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