After losing his job, one man took drastic action against his family.

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List Family portrait Image from WikiMedia

Being fired from a job is always stressful. Money worries mount as the unemployment agency takes a while to approve funds for the displaced employee. Bills continue to arrive in the mail; landlords demand rent money.

When someone is used to a lavish lifestyle, unemployment hits harder. Gone are the luxuries they once knew, and in the stead are cost-cutting measures meant to help sustain the family. Most people do what is in the best interest of the people they love.

John Emil List is no exception. He worked as an accountant, a job that seemed to fit his personality. Most people claimed he was anti-social, ultra-religious, and quick to anger. …

Four men used the hookup app to commit heinous crimes.

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Grindr Logo Image via Facebook

Social media has changed every aspect of our lives. It is used for people to stay connected, date, and even find sex partners. Grindr is by far the most popular of the gay hookup apps. For that reason, it has become a hot spot for criminals to plan their crimes.

In certain parts of the country, stereotypically, it is believed anti-gay crimes are not treated as harshly. However, the Eastern District of Texas is working to change those notions about their state.

In one dramatic 2017 case, four men who committed a hate crime each were sentenced to at least 10 years in prison. …

He was hailed as a musical genius, but did he have a dark side?

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Phil Spector image from Wilimedia via John Mathew Smith

In the 1960s and 1970s, Phil Spector was celebrated as one of the most innovative music producers. He produced records for acts like The Ramones, The Ronnettes, and The Beatles. His sound was critically acclaimed and commercially successful.

Phil developed a rabid following. Those who knew him said he worked hard and played even harder. He had a fondness for women, and they seemed to love him right back.

He married Annette Merar (later Spector) in 1963. Annette was the lead vocalist for a band that Phil put together. The chemistry between them was undeniable. …

What happens when a date has the personality of a piece of wood.

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Photo by Perchek Industrie from Pexels

I have to hide from the angels after they read this. See, I went out on another date, one that they disapproved of. And trust me, they would not have approved this guy, and I really should not have gone out with him. There is a part of me that hopes the actual date is enough of a punishment for them, and they don’t try to exact some revenge or worse.

They may use this as a reason why I should submit to them and let them decide who I date! …

After an argument with his ex-girlfriend, one man took his vengeance too far.

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Photo via Facebook

“You wanna be famous? I’m gonna make you famous,” Jonathan Robinson snarled at his ex-girlfriend as he held her hostage in her Louisiana home. Viewers of her live stream on Facebook watched as the argument between the former couple culminated in violence. Gunshots could be heard as the camera dropped to the floor.

The woman who was killed by Robinson was Rannita Williams. A mother of three. Williams’ goal was to become an influencer and make money through social media platforms. …

Nearly five decades ago, a Seattle-bound flight was hijacked. The hijacker disappeared.

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Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

November 24, 1971, started as an average day for the passengers of flight #305. The plane was heading towards Seattle. Conditions were clear, and things seemed to be proceeding according to plan.

What most people on board didn’t know was that the flight had been hijacked. A man calling himself Dan Cooper had bought a ticket in cash. After takeoff, he handed a note to a stewardess. He claimed to have a bomb in his briefcase and asked her to sit with him.

The stewardess did as she was told. Cooper showed her his briefcase that appeared to be wired to be a bomb. …

She had him arrested for rape, so he conspired to ruin her life.

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Photo courtesy of Daily Mail

A cop shouted at Seemona Sumasar after pulling the young woman over. She wasn’t sure what the violation was or why he was yelling at her. The cop screaming at her only added to the confusion. She was forced out of the car by the officer.

Once they cuffed her, she began to panic. The police warned her they had enough evidence to put her away for a very long time. The former financial guru still had no idea what was happening. But one thing was for certain; her life would never be the same.

And it all started with a kiss. …

Two women loved one man; how far was one willing to go to keep his affection?

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Photo by Eric Muhr on Unsplash

George and Gail Fulton were high school sweethearts. They met at a Catholic youth group. Religion was the foundation of their relationship, as was a fundamental belief that family must always come first.

After they graduated from high school, George enlisted in West Point, a U.S. Military Academy in New York. Gail stayed in Texas to attend college at Baylor University. It was the first test of their relationship, and it seemed like the sweethearts were built to last.

When they both graduated from their respective universities, George and Gail got married. Once again, the couple faced challenges. Because of George’s military career, they moved around quite a bit. …

Dodged a social media bullet with this guy.

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Photo by christian buehner on Unsplash

Are you ready for a ‘worst date ever’ story? Well, for the sake of accuracy, let’s call it an almost date. For the sake of this essay, we are going to call the guy Ben; that is not his real name, but I chose to put my life out there, and no matter how much of a douche he is, he doesn’t, and I won’t invade his privacy. Notice the anger that is still there? This man had some nerve let me tell you. Grab a drink, and let’s go through this almost date together.

A little background into Ben and I. We had talked in 2013, and I do not remember the reason that we stopped talking. It could be because one of us met someone, or it could be I realized he was not a good guy and forgot. Whatever the reason, we reconnected in 2018 and started talking again. When he asked if I wanted to exchange numbers, I found out we had talked before but had changed phones and phone carriers, so I must have lost some of my previous messages. …

A love triangle fueled an unhealthy obsession.

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Cass Corridor in Detroit Image from Wikimedia

Dr. Alan Canty had it all. A marriage that most found enviable. Many considered him a pillar of the community. Especially when his career was considered, he was a successful psychologist. Allan had offices in Detroit and his Grosse Pointe Park, Michigan home.

His patients loved him. They conceded that he could be a bit odd. They forgave his eccentricities because he was generous with them. Often arranging sessions at his home office for them, even if it was after business hours.

Alan could afford to be generous. In addition to his salary and profits from his practice, he inherited a lot of money from his parents. …


Edward Anderson

Edward has written hundreds of acclaimed true crime articles and has won numerous awards for his short stories.

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