The Secret Is Out
Rasmus Filipsen

This is dirty by secret. Organisation needs to ensure that players well being and dreams are paramount, by making sure the environment is there so they can just train and improve everyday and not worry about other things like money. This is not business this is beyond partnership or business this is just pure greed. Clearly greed has overshadowed this so they can make extra money. When you are passionate about dota 2 all you want as an “owner” is for your team and individuals to perform well and grow to be a better player.

Managers and Agents needed in dota 2?

For players its not about earning money, its more than that, its about passion, pride and determination to be successful in what you love to do but organisation like Secret doesn't know this, they simply exploit professional players so they can make a profit out of them. This is truly sad to see within the dota community. Other sports has Agents or managers so professional players doesn't get screwed over.

Rasmus i have messaged you on Instagram to tackle issues like this in the future. Please contact me.


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