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The craziest part to me is that Man of Steel under Snyder’s creative guidance had some iconic moments and introduced some exciting elements to Superman on the silver screen: the fall of Krypton with a fantasy influence (flying beasts and such), combat at super speed, the scale of alien technology and more were done fairly well.

How did we end up with a Batman v Superman that ignored almost all of that, discarded supporting characters with little to no consideration (how many viewers even realized that Tao Okamoto was Mercy Graves?) and riddled the plot with unacceptable logical gaffes (Lois repeatedly shouting “Clark!” at a uniformed Superman, suggesting to the public that Superman killed the terrorists when there’s no reason he would have used bullets). I could go on and on about the flimsiness of a coincidentally shared name to turn the story, the heavily re-used soundtrack from Man of Steel and much more.

Casual and dedicated fans both want the DC cinematic universe to be great, but the press feedback from the recent set tour is alarming.