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I want to make this clear, I haven’t seen the movie yet (seeing it tonight) and I am a huge fan of comics (DC and Marvel, though I prefer DC).

I like this article, it is well constructed and has a lot of good points, I do disagree with you about “The Dark Knight” being the greatest comic book movie ever (that is still the first Superman movie in my book) and I disagree with your review about BvS (I personally think it was as good as Batman Begins or the Dark Knight Rises). You are right though about story being the key for these movies and it does feel like DC is just trying to play catch up with Marvel with some of this stuff.

It sounds like the real problem with the DCEU is the Warner Bros Executives, they seem to have either interfere to much or too little. From what I have heard they forced Zack Snyder to cut BvS down to a 2 and half hour film (The Ultimate Edition was much better in my opinion, certain thing aside) and it sounds like they forced Ayer to make Suicide Squad resemble the movie the Second trailer promoted it as instead of the movie he wanted to make (which you touched upon). My hope is Geoff Johns (in his new position as DC Film head) is able to let the directors tell the stories they want to tell, with limited studio interference, but at the same time make sure the directors follow the spirit of the characters. Hopefully they can make these movies into a coherent universe where story and character arcs come first before action and world-building.

And while you are right and that some hardcore fans will take what they can get and defend the movies at all costs, they are still a lot of good in these movies (the action is good, Batfleck, Wonder Woman, the acting, the fan service, the consequences) as well as bad (Doomsday’s Design, the pacing, editing, Lex Luthor’s personality, Batman and Superman having killed [which doesn’t bother me like it does others]).

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