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Funny how the left is now so concerned with homeowners and ranchers along the border! Where were they during Obama’s term when he turned his head the other way when thousands of illegals crossed properties of both mentioned? Often bringing rape and murders upon innocent people in their path? How about the same crimes that have skyrocketed along border towns on the U.S. side? How about the proliferation and increase of M13 gangs coming across the border on America’s street, bringing drugs and crime due to a loose immigration policy? On and on, I could go on! The left always uses heart tugs when it fits their communistic agenda. It all goes back to “Planned Chaos” and lying that comes out of the communist/Leninist/Marxist playbook. For a change, why don’t the left just admit their true plans? Because the truth would come out. The dumbed down public would make the leftist agenda be shown for what it is! Let’s see if you believe in “free speech”? Will you print this comment? I’ll be watching but I doubt you have the truthfulness to practice it.

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