Reading more in 2016 with these 3 steps, an experiment on reading more books

If you’re a master procrastinator like me you know how it is like to get to a book and never finish it.

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Books, how wonderful they are. All the dull Jacks would understand. You get to experience the English language and literature so much better. Books were my first love. I grew up all alone in a small villa with just a few books I started taking from the school library. I remember reading the decalogy by L. Ron. Hubbard too. The worst books I have ever read in my lifetime. The reason I am not fond of alien related sci-fi is because of L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology. I read a lot of fiction. Fiction after fiction. Writers who were dead for as many years as the age of my parents and I combined.

As I have grown to become an adult I miss reading those books. In the chaos of the dark subreddits and product hunt reviews I miss those days. The days where I would just take out a book and read for hours. I had this desire to read. Read more and more. I wanted to devour books one after the other. Gain as much knowledge as possible, live as many stories as possible. And then I stopped. I don’t know where. But I stopped. So I looked into it. I wanted to get back on the horse. Wanted to read more, relish more. Here are a few things I would do to read more in this month. I would come back after a month and update you guys on how much I have read. Take this advice. Maybe you can use them too. Get into reading. It’s great.

1. Compete with yourself

For the first try get into much smaller books. About 200 to 300 pages. Read them together. Fix 25 minute intervals twice a day and just read them. Read book A on Monday and then book B on Tuesday. So on and so forth. Measure your results at the end of the week. Then do a week on week. comparison. As Peter Drucker said-

“What gets measured gets managed.”

Soon enough, you won’t have to measure at all, it will become natural.

2. Listen to some great music

I have decided to use Binaural beats. You can choose your own favorite sonata, coffee shop sounds. Choose something that calms you, gets you in the mood to read more. Don’t pick lyrical songs. Your brain will divide the concentration. The words from the songs and the words from the book will get mixed up. That means you won’t remember what you’ll read.

3. Pick familiar books

Go for some books you cherished as a teenager. A book that left a mark on you or maybe a topic for which you have a burning desire to learn. Do not pick a book on astrophysics if you haven’t ever had interest in topic. That book will never be read completely.

I am on it. Are you?

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