Why Meditate?

Why sit down every day and just try to be still, you ask? It’s probably the best thing you are going to do to yourself which will prepare you for a better you 20 years from now. I think I am old enough now to give advice to other people on the internet so here is why I meditate and you should too.

It keeps me sane

In this insane world of text messages, YouTube and underboobs meditation is what keeps me sane. It gives me reason to proceed about in my day and have clarity on what things I have to pursue. With people like me who can turn a week of high productivity into a binge watching, weed smoking, drinking and masturbating mashup in a jiffy it’s really important to stay on track.

It reduces Stress

It reduces stress and helps you cope up with depression. I am a rockstar inside my head who rose to great fame and now is falling, falling into the abyss. Inside my head, I went from getting a blow job from three girls at the same time in a alley behind a night club to sleeping at the train station without the money for my next meal. To balance my mind to tear through this imbalance in my life I had to adopt meditation and it has helped me a lot.

Cures Insecurities

If you are super insecure about yourself like I became because of a relationship and falling into wrong things, you should really try meditating. It helps you conquer the inner demon who is dripping his acidic saliva into your brain and making you mad. It helps you get over all the bullshit that makes you a little bitch.

It aids you physically

You are able to add value to your exercise routines and control your habit of over excessive feeding because you feel more controlled and relaxed when you are meditating along with a smart workout plan.

These are enough reasons, for now which should compel you to include the habit of meditation into your daily regimen.

Here are a few apps you should look at if you’re considering meditation -

Fabulous —An all round betterment app, great for les miserables. Also includes a meditation section along with lot of other goodies.

Headspace — A very professional solution to meditation, Headspace is head on serious with it’s product. Maximum value.

Calm —No bullshit meditation and a simple counter to track your progress.