NHS England hit by ‘cyber-attack’: The whole NHS online network went down

At around 2:30 PM, National Health Service England was hit by a cyber- attack. The attack is still on-going, even the NHS lock went down! Staff at NHS Northamptonshire are going home early. And isn’t just that, it’s national! The attack is still, as I said, on-going. A GP from York quoted:

“We have since remained open, and are dealing with things that can be dealt with in the meanwhile.”

All of the NHS’s IT systems are offline. Staff are being sent home since nothing can be done. This isn’t a joke, every tiny bit of technology has been sent offline by hackers. Hostipals, are too, being affected.

I’ll bring you more as the attack goes on and we gather for more information, but for now, it looks like NHS England is going down.. big time.

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