The encumbering labor of thy task
Shall not deter thee.
Let the task be intimidating.
Let greatness seem unattainable.
O Warrior, lose thy spirit never.

Thou shalt not seek in the task a ‘why’.
There need be no ‘why’.
In lieu, query thyself
why thou seekest ‘why’!

Have thou not witnessed
The grace of all things nature!
Have thou not beheld them
As incessant Becoming!
All that thou perceivest around
Are sons and daughters of War!

That which Overcometh, Becometh!
That which Succumbeth, Vanisheth!
Life is to Strive!
Life is to Thrive!

There need be no space for a ‘why’
In the grandeur of Becoming!
Wielder of the discerning Eye,
Consider this Truth of Strife!
Cast away, hence, thine ‘why’!

Let thy spirit of Action spring forth
Like thine arrow.
Desist never from thy noble station,
O Atlas of this Eternal Verity!
Desist never from thy divine task,
O Herald of The Ubermensch!

Thus Spake The Dark Lord
To The Dejected Knight!