The Nihilist Conception — Genesis of Naught

Standing on the shores, her gaze was fixed on the horizon.
Her mind incessantly muddled with feelings of incertitudeand aporia.
She couldn’t find a definite answer.
An immense vastness of unfathomed depths lying ahead.
But her eyes wistfully set on the bounds that she knew were illusory yet wished they were not.

The waves, an invariable, Eternal Recurrence.
Undulatus ad Infinitum.
They aggravated her anxiety and vexation.

The glint of a bottle bobbing on the waves and washed up on the shore turned her gaze.
A scrap of folded paper inside — Message in a bottle. A Gospel!
She thought she had grown out of such naivete long since she grew weary of life itself.
Ceased to expect neither hope of direction nor epiphanic answers from such vain superstitions.
Even so, she wished to take it. For she had exhaustedherself to the limits of her capacities.
She was fatigued and she found a vague utility in sanctioning herself a distraction.
She undid the folds of the visibly aged piece of paper with meticulous care.
What she perceived was a simple, innocuous Word, the uncanny relevance of which, elicited a wry smirk on her face.
In a wee bit, the Word assumed an ominous form as she began to grasp its meaning and potential implications that she hadn’t considered herself earlier.

Her unsuspecting self was assailed
by an incursion of emotions
deluging her consciousness.
All the staggering spires and
monumental structures
of her thoughts and beliefs
shuddered of the unheralded shock.
A swift avalanche of fissures
spread like the prongs of a lightning
through the colossal edifice
producing the loudest roaring thunder.
And in no time
all the diligently erected bases and columns,
daintily embellished arches, vaults and cornices of her system snapped.
The implosion was massive and profound.
That nothing would be left to stand as vestige.

As she stood transfixed,
the receding waves drawing away the sand from beneath her feet,
the scrap slipped from her unnerved fingers and fell on the frothy waves of the sea.
As the long parched sheet quickly dissolved,
the Word yet reverberated interminably in the Void of her mind which theretofore had an elaborate labyrinthine polis.

In the End there was just The Word.
Verbum Significatum.
That was All! Nothing Besides!
And the Word was F.A.L.S.E