Not a Pretty Picture: Lessons from GoPro about Growth and Underestimating China
Bay McLaughlin

You’ve got the catch 22 situation here, in order to compete in china, you are going to sell the stuff at much lower price which is the bread and butter of the GoPro, can you image that you sale 70M phone without making single nickle that you call it fantastic investment opportunity? you are investing on the assumption of the company one day become monopoly in the market place, but remember that people don’t have brand loyalty those days, that’s why vast phone supplier losing money while building the big empire for Google, everyone thought there is money can be made in hyper competitive market, the reality is that most of them create the base for Google and get self burned, you are right in the sense that business need some indispensable system in the Eco_chain in order to make the real money… the battleground for company is screen real estate either been on PC, Tablet Phone or future human interactive interface!