How dirt can clog your iPhone microphone and speaker and make you think they are defective

Yesterday during a phone call the other party could not properly hear me. I plugged in a head set with microphone to continue the call. They said it sounded like I was calling from underwater! I thought the iPhone’s microphone was just defective. Upon closer inspection, I saw that there was some dirt in the microphone opening on the bottom of the device. Using a toothpick and a needle I was able to remove most dirt. Et voilà, the microphone worked correctly from that point onwards.

A few days later I listened to some music through the iPhone’s speaker. I do not do this too often as I normally use headphones. I was flabbergasted by the bad sound quality produced by the phone. It almost sounded as if the speaker was blown. Only then it struck me that the speaker openings on the Phone also attract dirt easily. Again using a needle I cleaned them, and the sound was perfect again!

Had I not observed this, I would have probably replaced my microphone and speaker..

TLDR; clean your iPhone’s openings from time to time to preserve crisp audio!

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