How to install IPKG on a Synology DS415play NAS

Although Synology does not list the new model DS415play in the bootstrap script section, installing IPKG actually is quite easy.

The DS415play has an Intel Atom processor, but not one that is actually listed on the Wiki page. It appears we can use the same bootstrap script though due to the the processor architecture being the same.

To install IPKG:

  • Connect to your NAS as root through SSH
  • Go to a temporary folder, for example:
cd /volume1/@tmp
  • Download the bootstrap script:
  • Make the downloaded script file executable:
chmod +x syno-i686-bootstrap_1.2–7_i686.xsh
  • Execute the bootstrap script:
sh syno-i686-bootstrap_1.2–7_i686.xsh

Installation should now be completed. To test it, run:

ipkg update

Then, install something. I prefer to use the htop program over the default top program. To install htop:

ipkg install htop

If all went well, htop should now be installed! Enjoy.