My Take on Verge (XVG)
Eric Kryski

If by handling it very well you mean saying cryptic things and multiple levels of vagueness then he is doing it very well. He/created this and the public if anything handled it very well considering. 
All the dev has to do is make a phone YouTube video and speak in a candid fashion about the issues own up to the mistakes and let us decide if he is sincere and we want to invest in his coin. Very simple. Set the record straight. Anything else is more of the same. They screwed up, at midnight EST they own this.

I don’t think those who took losses on this self imposed verge deadline are in the wrong. If I was to take a loss I wanted it to be a natural dismissal of wraith as something people wanted. Not because the Dev team is creating controversy. Simple fix, make the video let me see if this is project I am going to back.

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