What Do You Do When The Movers Are Moving?

You have a lot of things that you could do while your movers are actually moving your items. They are preoccupied with the moving of your items that make it onto their truck, and you should see if you can complete all the tasks that are listed here. Each one will make your move much easier, and these tasks allow you to remain comfortable while you keep track of the things you treasure most.

1. Catalog Your Precious Items

Anything that is very precious to you need to be catalogued so that you know where it has gone. You could safely ship some of these items with a freight company, or you could put these items in your personal vehicle. You are doing this while the mover handles everything else, and it is much easier for you to get ready for the move when you know these things have been stowed away where they cannot be broken.

2. Protect Your Pets

You must keep your pets sequestered during the moving process because they are likely to get in the way and make things harder on everyone. They often know that the family is moving, but that does not mean that they like it. They have to be given a place to stay safe in the house while everyone else is working. You could even board your pets to keep them safe.

3. Have A Garage Sale

You could have a garage sale that helps you pay for the movers while also getting rid of the things that you do not need to bring during the move. It is much easier for you to have a garage sale when you have already begun the packing process, and you will be pretty happy to know that you can just hold this sale even while the moving company is loading their truck. You are picking up extra cash, and you are making the job easier on everyone.

4. Road Trip

You might move a long way from home, and your family could take a road trip while you are ahead of the moving truck. The moving truck can only go so fast, and they have to be careful with all your cardboard boxes. You get to have a little road trip with the family, and you can enjoy this move much more because you now have a plan to go somewhere interesting and enjoy the scenery along the way.

5. Handle The Little Things

You need time to turn off your utilities, get your kids out of school, find a new place to live, register your kids for school in a new area, and find all the things that you will enjoy doing in that new place. Someone who does not have time to do this is scrambling when they arrive at their new home.

6. Conclusion

The move that you make is made much simpler when you have extra time to handle all the things listed above. You cannot completely move until you do this stuff while the moving company does their job.