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Questions to ask your future web dev employer

I recently had the privilege of being invited to speak to students soon to graduate at Toronto’s Bitmaker Labs. The talk I ended up giving was the one I wished I had heard when I started working in web design, largely based on a list of questions Joel Spolsky came up with, but recontextualized for web development.

Let’s start with talking about what you should be looking for in a company in the web development game.

Finally, here are a few questions for yourself:

Thanks for reading all the way through, and a huge shoutout to @pushmatrix for his feedback, as well as to @johnduff.)

(If anyone is curious, yes, Shopify is hiring, and yes, we do all of the above right. )

Shopify – Open Data Ottawa – Awesome Ottawa – Apt613 – CUSEC – HackerYou

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