The first few legs of this trip were fairly quiet in terms of music. I wanted to take in the sounds of the cities around me while also being aware of oncoming vehicles. Eventually, the constant din of traffic lost its novelty and I grew accustomed to the various quirks of foreign crosswalks. So I decided to put my library (primarily powered by Apple Music) to use again.

I thought this would be a good time to experiment with a sort of ongoing series of snapshots of my musical tastes. This isn’t a list of my favorite bands or my favorite songs by them. Rather, these are the songs which I’ve found myself listening to the most frequently as of late.

Unchain My Heart — Hugh Laurie

Disco Tits — Tove Lo

Derzhi — Dima Bilan


Call Me Home — Galantis

Coffee in Shanghai — Ulrik Munther

Lucky Stranger — Sergey Lazarev

It’s so Easy — mitsu

Jungle — Loreen (feat. Elliphant)

Teenage Talking — FO&O

One More Time — Benjamin Ingrosso

Less Than — Nine Inch Nails

Doroga v aeroport — Timati feat. Sveta

Badder Together — Arrhult

kakurenbo — LEZARD

Light On — ISA

Merry-Merry-Merry-Go!!-Round☆ — Vivarush

are you ready…? — Develop One’s Faculties

Away Away — Ibeyi

Unthink You — Wiktoria

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