Remotely Monitoring Water Wells with Industrial IoT Sensors

Effective Water Resources Management — Remotely Monitoring Water Wells with Industrial IoT Sensors Measuring Water Levels and Flow Meters

How does Your Organization effective monitor remote assets like water wells?

Your assets, like water, are valuable for your organization, so better monitoring means you save time and money.

Fortunately, with today’s technology it’s quick and easy for you to remotely and automatically monitor water.

Let’s talk about a common water monitoring need — water wells. Groundwater wells need to be monitored for total water usage, pump headroom, flow rates, aquifer health, recharge rate, and other environmental factors measured by:

  • Flow Meters
  • Fluid and Water Level Sensors / Pressure Transducers

In the past, folks have regularly driven for hours to take manual sensor measurements at remote water wells.

Now you can simply use your web browser on any device, like a phone or tablet, to monitor water in real-time with maps and other helpful visualizations. For example, the video and images you’re seeing in this story use Industrial IoT sensors connected to

There are many hardware sensor manufacturers that make water level sensors and flow meters.

In our experiences, our customers like deploying water level sensors and pressure transducers made by In-Situ, Flowline, Eno Scientific, and Senix.

In addition to water levels, you may want to know water usage totals that are measured by flow meters. Flow meters are manufactured by various hardware companies like Seametrics, McCrometer, and EKM.

With simple IoT web dashboards, you, your teams, your clients, and anyone else at your organization will have situational awareness and real-time knowledge from anywhere, at any time.

Do you have any questions? Are you ready to effectively monitor Your water resources with water monitoring systems for water wells, flooding, or anything else?

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