Where to find them, how to present yourself, set up the meeting, and close the deal at the right price

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If you’re young and have little experience, signing your first client feels like the hardest thing to do. Especially if you have no money to spend on ads.

This guide will teach you not just how to do it, but also how to make the process fun. It will show you that you don’t need to scared of signing new clients, and it will teach you to be confident about delivering results.

I highly recommend you read this article from start to finish, as we’ll cover:

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Anything in italics in this article is taken from Seth Godin’s book, “This Is Marketing”, which I’ve been reading at the time of writing.

No one is happy to call an estate agent.

There’s a great passage in Seth Godin’s new book, This Is Marketing, about real estate brokers.¹ I’ve quoted it here in italics throughout.

“Despite what the (agent) is hoping, this isn’t often a joyous interaction… the (estate agent) is a speed bump on the way to their future. And most of what he or she says is merely noise, a palliative, because it all costs the same anyway”.

No matter how you brand yourself, there’s still an inherent distrust of estate agents. You can call yourself a ‘property expert’ instead, you…

Edward Razzell

I help other young entrepreneurs by teaching what I’ve learned so far. If you like my content, come and talk with me in my group: http://bit.ly/thedojowhatsapp

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