Fuck You, I’d Spit In Your Cupcakes.
Asher Wolf

I absolutely agree with you. My mission is to direct my feminism to motherhood, the land that feminism forgot. You would be a welcome voice in my network Lead Mama Lead which aims to inspire mothers to challenge the status quo, and fight for their leadership aspirations to be honored at work, on their own terms. I firmly believe that a engaged motherhood and engaging career should not be mutually exclusive, and that we need to work towards a world in which all parents (and all people really) are able to work part-time or flexibly and have time for baking and all those other pesky ‘female’ unpaid tasks. The answer shouldn’t be for women who aspire to leadership to outsource all of their home life (or get a stay-at-home Dad to do it). We need space for home life AND meaningful careers. All of us.

I’d love it if you joined our conversations at:


I am in the process of growing this movement into something much bigger. But between home life, and paid work, I have to take it slowly.

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