How to sell your Bitcoin on Remitano

The must have before starting off the trade:

  1. A digital wallet credited with bitcoin — get the wallet from here.
  2. Remitano Account — here.

To start off the trade;

  1. Log in to your remitano account.
  2. To sell, select the sell now and a list of buyers will automatically appear.
  3. Select the buyer to start of your trade with.
My number one buyer is smumo

Step 2: Key in the amount of bitcoin to sell and click on the `sell BTC` button to initiate the trade:

Step 3: You will be prompted to confirm the mobile number to which your BTC will be sent to. (Pretty cool that you can have your bitcoin received on Mpesa instantly huh?😊)

Step 4: Deposit your BTC coin from your wallet to the Remitano account.

From here(Your Wallet), select the send option then fill in the details requested. The remitano address is generated automatically on the initiated trade interface, copy and paste it as the address to send to. Transaction charges are $0.02(You got that right!)

Step 5: Remitano then holds your BTC and verifies that it’s legit, which takes 5 min at most.

Step 6: After verification, Your buyer sends the KSH to your Mpesa.

Step 7: Confirm that you have received the payment, in order to release the BTC from your remitano account to the buyer.

Step 8: Enjoy looking at your new Mpesa account balance(and plan).😎