A Business Biography of Edward ‘Eddy’ Sobczewski

Being a successful entrepreneur is what many aspire but which few reach. The road is hard and thorny and many do not make it. Therefore, stories of inspiration are important for some of those who go on this hard road.

This entrepreneurial story is about Edward Sobczewski, who was born in the city of Chicago in the United States on July 18th 1961. He was the son of those who built America. The son of immigrants who left war weary Europe in 1949 in search of a better future in a new promised land.

The son grew up with the ideals of the nation and the bravery of its people, inspired him. On his 17th birthday in 1978, Edward Sobczewski joined the US Marines, the elite fighting force of the US Armed Forces. He became the youngest Marine to enter and serve the armed services. The young adult excelled in his military service, winning many medals and awards. These included 2 meritorious commendations for excellence in his field, 300 maximum score for physical fitness test and as an expert rifle and pistol shooter. He received another private award accommodation for duty above and beyond the call of service from Colonel Braun. This award was for the clandestine work he did for the NIS (Naval Intelligence Service) in the year 1980.

After his illustrious career in the military he decided to venture on into the entrepreneurial world to take on a different set of targets. He joined the export department of the billion dollar industrial parts supplier, McMaster Carr Supply Company in 1983. Learning the business skills, he decided to venture out on his own. In 1985 Edward Sobczewski started his first company, Colorado International Trading Company (CITC). He had to rely on his friends and family to support him in this new venture and initially had to start operating his company from his garage.

Today, 30 years later the belief has paid off. CITC has sold in excess of 400 million USD of industrial equipment and has a presence in many countries such as Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Morocco etc. A far cry from the days he spent on his garage, building his dream. CITC now handles all the top brands such as McMaster, Snap-on, Ingersoll-Rand, Rentar, Maxr100, Cogent as well as all types of non-lethal military items or NSN.

Not content with being successful in one business field. He along with Markus Giebel, co-founded Eternity Medicine Institute in 2011. This health initiative followed Edward Sobczewski passion for encouraging medical prevention in the world, with a focus on corporate health screening. The passion has translated into business success; in the past 4 years it has become one of the leading medical prevention institutes in the world. The institute is now expanding to other parts of the world from Dubai. Markets in India and Turkey are also being targeted

Edward Sobczewski is married and the father of three children. He currently lives in Dubai. Besides his passion on his businesses, he also loves travelling, martial arts, chess and spending time with his family and friends.