Prevention of Heart Disease

Heart disease is the most common cause for fatalities in developed nations. Increasingly, this trend is being seen in emerging nations as well. It is a lifestyle disease, meaning as incomes increase in societies more people start getting afflicted with the disease. Therefore, it becomes crucial to understand and anticipate the disease.

Most symptomatic factors for heart disease are linked, which means that if you have one risk factor, you might probably have the others as well.

For instance, people who are overweight are likely to have other health problems, such as diabetes and blood pressure causing heart disease.

Therefore, you might need to consider your overall health and lifestyle in order to effectively counter heart disease. You can do this by segmenting your lifestyle into separate segments. In this essay we concentrate on your diet, weight and exercise profiles.


A diet low in fat and salt, which includes daily fruit and vegetable intake, is needed for a healthy heart.

Consuming too much salt can lead to health problems. Particularly, salt can increase your chances of blood pressure. Foods with high salt content should be avoided.

With respect to consuming that are high in fat. They should be avoided as they will increase your cholesterol level, through which you can get heart disease. Examples of food with high fat content are listed below:

Processed meats, butter, cream, types of cheese, cakes and other sweet items, oily foods etc

However, eating meals having high unsaturated fats can actually reduce your cholesterol level. Some examples of these items are given below:

fish, fruit such as avocados, rape seed oil, nuts and olive oil

Exercise and weight management

If you are suffering from obesity, you will have to follow a regime for weight reduction which could include both exercise as well as dieting. It is recommended that adults daily have 30 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise.

For more about the exercise guidelines for adults, the below information has been provided

Cycling or walking are seen as moderate exercise routines. Swimming and running are a bit more strenuous which could be included in the routine.

If you find it difficult to initially do moderate exercises, then start with light exercises daily for short periods of time and then as time goes on scale up towards a moderate exercise regime. Make sure you consult your doctor for advice regarding your exercise routine and on how to lose weight.

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