Your Life’s Work Will Probably Not Pay Off Immediately. And That’s Okay
Thomas Oppong

Thanks — a well curated list of wisdom about the blood, sweat and tears to success at any level, however we define it.

But, I’m curious. Does consuming quick bites of wisdom create lasting change in us — the consumer.

For all the people that put in their 10,000 hours and never gave up — did they get that drive by reading inspirational quotes? Where did that drive come from?

If we’re looking for ways to emulate their success, maybe we should be looking deeper.

Is there a common thread? Could we even replicate the process? (If a billionaire was driven by the poverty of his childhood, how to I replicate that?)

Is this just something we’re born with, or not?

Is there something within us that’s dormant and we just need to find the switch? That’s what we want to believe. That’s what sells books.

Maybe it’s a complex mix of parenting, environment, education, hardships, DNA and defining events, when something happens and we say “I’m mad as hell and not going to take it anymore!”

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