There is no one-size-fits-all solution in terms of a good life or happiness. Nor success. Nor love. Nor anything that really matters.
What is wrong with the self-obsession?
Daria Krauzo

The more I think and write (and coach) on these topics, the more I acknowledge the maddening subjectivity.

I try to be extremely self-aware — sort of a human lab rat. And, I compare my experiences to the well-published studies. Sometimes were in sync, often we’re not.

Sometimes I’ll notice a sudden shift in mood (my feelings of happiness or contentment). Then, I stop and ask myself, what precipitated that shift.

Sometimes is a very minor thing, other times a significant thing. Sometimes I have no idea.

Sometimes, I think I’m too obsessed with monitoring my mood.

But, I also know from history, that if I don’t, there are times when I slide into an abyss that’s hard to recover.