zach lowe proposed a similar trade but brogdon, middleton and henson, which makes more sense.

I’ll have to respectfully disagree with Lowe. The Bucks need Middleton or Brogdon to make up for Kyrie’s weaknesses in the back court. Snell won’t cut it, and a Dellavedova-Kyrie back court is too small. I’d prefer a bigger guard like Middleton next to Kyrie.

If I‘m the Cavaliers’ GM, I want at least a couple young, promising assets on rookie deals if I’m giving up Kyrie, especially with the likelihood of Lebron leaving. Henson would be a redundancy without much upside. Maker and Brogdon provide a future if/when LeBron leaves and seem like a fair return for a marquee player like Kyrie who fits the Bucks’ roster like a glove. And who doesn’t want to see Dellavedova back on the Cavaliers?