In the world of music, it always pays to be well-supplied. There is lots of different gear that every musician could need, and it can vary depending on what instruments you play specifically. After you have the basics covered, it’s time to focus on what accessories you need to give you that little something extra in your day-to-day to help you focus on playing, practicing and getting lost in the music more, and worrying about the details less. Edward Traylor of Palm Beach County, Florida has a list of must-haves that any musician shouldn’t be without.

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Being a musician and sound-system savvy go hand in hand often. It’s always important to have the right cables for the job in healthy supply, and this includes lots of spares because even with scrupulous inventories things can go missing. Not only that, but cables don’t last forever so it’s always a good plan to be well-equipped far in advance before wear and tear sets in. Next, with the digital side of music being more accessible than ever, don’t forget to stock up on computer cables to plug your devices into the mix. While you’re at it, Edward Traylor recommends that you think about having cable organizational systems such as clips, ties and organizers in order to set the record straight in terms of what is connected to what. …

The art of welding is an essential and often under-appreciated component of everyday life. In the simplest terms, welding is the act of joining separate pieces of metal together as a single piece at high temperature with a device called an electrode, which conducts the electric current necessary for this fusion. It’s easy to forget that many of the things we take for granted that are made of metal which we depend on did not start out looking the way that they did; rather, they were deliberately and carefully welded to be that way.

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Whether it’s common household items such as tea kettles or lawnmowers, or larger structures such as bridges and skyscrapers, welding represents a vital backbone in all these things. Within the realm of welding, there are several different major styles, each with their own unique benefits. We talked to Edward Traylor of Palm Beach County, Florida to learn about the details of each of these. …

Ever since its inception in the early 20th century, air travel represents a cornerstone in the transportation industry. Whether it’s personal sightseeing, business trips, or family vacations, the aviation industry is heavily depended on by our modern society. As it has developed over past decades, innovations have slowly but surely enhanced the customer experience, and this trend continues today. Edward Traylor, the owner of an Aviation and Maritime Technology Consulting Firm based in Palm Beach County, Florida, has the latest scoop on the most recent and exciting advancements in aviation technology.

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Artificial Intelligence

The emergence of computer systems and artificial intelligence has resulted in many tasks and procedures transitioning from being done by hand to being semi or even fully automated, in order to cut costs and in many cases accelerate the process. Edward Traylor notes that one such change under development relates to how aircraft inspections are undertaken: Drones are capable of fully automating the process. Hovering around the aircraft before takeoff, they can analyze and assess far more quickly than human eyes, freeing up precious time for engineers. …

My name is Edward Traylor and I am an I.T. professional and entrepreneur currently residing in Palm Beach, Florida. Here, I run my own Aviation and Maritime Technology consulting firm. I am a dedicated professional with an unwavering commitment to the success through innovative, efficient, cost-saving creative solutions. “Leading by example day after day.

Here, you will hear me talk about my work in the aviation and maritime technology industry as well as my hobbies which include: music, welding, aviation, piloting, and much more.

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Edward Traylor

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