Edward Traylor Highlights 2019’s Must-Have Accessories for Musicians

Edward Traylor
Aug 26 · 3 min read

In the world of music, it always pays to be well-supplied. There is lots of different gear that every musician could need, and it can vary depending on what instruments you play specifically. After you have the basics covered, it’s time to focus on what accessories you need to give you that little something extra in your day-to-day to help you focus on playing, practicing and getting lost in the music more, and worrying about the details less. Edward Traylor of Palm Beach County, Florida has a list of must-haves that any musician shouldn’t be without.


Being a musician and sound-system savvy go hand in hand often. It’s always important to have the right cables for the job in healthy supply, and this includes lots of spares because even with scrupulous inventories things can go missing. Not only that, but cables don’t last forever so it’s always a good plan to be well-equipped far in advance before wear and tear sets in. Next, with the digital side of music being more accessible than ever, don’t forget to stock up on computer cables to plug your devices into the mix. While you’re at it, Edward Traylor recommends that you think about having cable organizational systems such as clips, ties and organizers in order to set the record straight in terms of what is connected to what.

Musical First Aid

Part of being a musician means taking care of your precious instruments and gear. There are a lot of delicate components at play, so making sure you’re not high and dry when accidents happen is critical. Every musician should have a repair kit on hand when things go wrong, with items such as replacement strings, glue, and tape, the latter of which has a lot of flexibility with application. You’ll can do a lot more than strictly making repairs with tape, so try to have extra on hand. Aside from other, more generic repair tools such as hammers and screwdrivers, Edward Traylor suggests picking up a multi-tool, a portable device designed for making reparations on a specific instrument such as a guitar. Not unlike a Swiss Army Knife, they can every tool you didn’t know you needed and then-some, all within the convenience of fitting in your pocket.


Sometimes the best accessory is knowledge and organization. The next time you go to the music store or even the library, think about investing in a book or two to brush up on your theory and maybe even learn something you hadn’t before. Take it with you whenever you practice so you can apply what you’re learning on the spot and have a second opinion on changes that you need to make. In addition, it’s always a good idea to have notebooks on hand, to keep track of all the things you’re learning and discovering outside of whatever you’re reading. Edward Traylor states that whether you’re experimenting with new notes and chords to get a new sound, making a practice routine, or even getting into more of the philosophical side of things, it’s always better when you have it written down somewhere.


Now more than ever, musicians are more and more dependent on their gadgets. Technology has come a long way in terms of musical applications, and it’s no big secret that it can be a fun hobby in addition to making things easier. To start out, having a reliable pair of headphones will help you hear your sound in the clearest way possible. Next, sometimes it’s not always necessary to get a new cable for everything. It can be much simpler to invest in converters for your pre-existing cables instead, and it’s almost always more economic. Finally, one of the more impressive feats of technology is portability. Edward Traylor says you can get wireless speakers in a smaller size that can be taken just about anywhere, and even miniature portable recording devices that let you plug in everything into a unit the size of a smartphone so you’re ready to go with less hassle.

At the end of the day, Edward Traylor concludes that a well-equipped musician is likely a more successful one, and these tools of the trade will help keep you playing the music you love with less hassle.

Edward Traylor

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