Somehow it seems to be lost on people that we have like five to ten years to radically transform our economy and way of life in order to avoid a complete fracture in almost everything the comfortable among us take for granted.

The status quo is nearly dead. The miracle QE & stock buyback levitated economy is running on fumes. Our educational systems need massive transformation. Our healthcare system is one of the least affordable in the world and will collapse under the weight of a pandemic — whether this one or the next one.

It basically didn’t rain this…

(Originally published February 24, 2020)

It feels like the right lens through which to view this election is almost at an archetypal or even mythic level.

And, through that lens, it’s a mythic tale that’s been playing out over decades, now being brought to a crescendo.

Rolling back the clock to 2000, and you see the election of Bush over Gore — hanging chads, the Supreme Court and all of it — representing the end of the candidacy of Gore, one of the first major politicians to sound the alarm about climate change. …

Tarragona Concurs Castells taken by calafellvalo, on Flickr. Used under a Creative Commons license.

From the beginning. Last month, a group of 35 designers, engineers, and entrepreneurs from all over the world gathered in Oakland, California. Together, we are working on the creation of tools, strategies, and networks to build a new collaborative commons.

Our group consisted of founders and key contributors from Enspiral, Loomio, CoBudget, Chalkle, Robin Hood Cooperative,, Hylo, Ethereum, Citizen Code,,, KiwiConnect, Lifehack, Planetwork, Impact Hub, Refugio Resource, Pyxis, Triaxiom9, CivicMakers and more. With us in spirit were our friends from Backfeed, CredEx, Village Lab, Ceptr, and Swarm.

We are united by the vision that people can do…

Edward West

Founder of Hylo, Hub Oakland, Mission Motors. I apply principles of evolution+complexity to culture+commerce for a more just conscious loving sustainable world.

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