How to Understand the Strange Brains of Your Coworkers to Do Your Best Work Together
Jason Lankow

Great article! Some considerations:

How do we know what Creative type a person belongs into? You mentioned not everyone falls neatly into any particular category, but some kind of test or questionnaire (like a Myers-Briggs or similar) would be useful.

Like for me personally, I fall somewhere in between an Agile Strategist and Resourceful Builder, but leaning slightly more towards RB. The challenges you described for these both types really resonate with me as I’ve worked in organizations where the culture didn’t necessarily encourage these types to work their best.

I think the best approach would be to present this model to the team, discuss it, have people identify themselves or where they see themselves in a particular Creative Type, and get consensus on the working principles to bring out the best of all the CTs. This would get a lot of buy-in and people would be highly motivated to know that their unique working styles and personalities are being addressed and catered for.

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