The U.S. has Gone F&*%ing Mad
James Allworth

What a bunch of baloney. You cite the Constitution, but conveniently want to trash the Second Amendment. So I guess you only choose the parts that suit your philosophy?

And let’s not pretend Apple is some saint here. I’m an avid iPhone fan and an Apple shareholder, but a realist. Apple supports horrid working conditions in China. It structures its company so as to minimize its tax burden. Steve Jobs didn’t contribute to charitable causes. Apple is in it for itself, that’s it.

Privacy? There is no online privacy in this day and age of social media.

Your shark analogy directly contradicts your point. I imagine you raised it to prove a point that the odds of dying in a terrorist attack are minuscule. Ironically, your odds of being shot with an assault rifle are relatively speaking equally as minuscule.

Fact: as gun sales have soared, crime has plummeted. That’s not saying there’s a causal effect that guns are deterring crime, but it certainly is a pin in the balloon of those who say “more guns = more crime”.

Let me ask you a question. Hypothetically, if there was information on Farook’s iPhone that we knew would stop another terrorist attack (this time with pipe bombs), would you still feel the same way?

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